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 Tytuł: Customized Security Metal Detector
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Walk Through Metal Detector
45 Zone
Contents Table
1. Chapter 鈪? Summary
1.1 Definition
1.2 Installation, operation and attentions
1.3 The electronic control unit
1.4 Door panels
1.5 Power Adapter
2. Chapter 鈪? Installation
2.1. Installation attentions
1) Choose the installing location
2) Design the checkpoint
2.2. Tips for install more than one piecs WTMD side by side
2.3. Assemble
3. Chapter 鈪? boot and screen display and procedures setting.
3.1. Power on the WTMD and boot
3.2. Screen Menu and program setting
3.3. Multi-zone display
3.4. Power saving mode and standby mode
4. Chapter 鈪? maintenance, maintenance , service
4.1. Maintenance & after service
4.2. Routine maintenance
4.3. Maintenance attentions
4.4. Storage conditions , storage period and attentions
4.5. After service
1. Chapter 鈪? Summary
Thank you for choosing this WTMD. The following are installation and daily operating instructions for our WTMD. In addition to these instructions, this should be in accordance with local laws and regulations and government requirements.
Before installing or using this WTMD, please read and learn this manual
This manual includes information required by the user about the structure, installation and operation. Follow the proper operation and maintenance procedures to keep the WTMD in reliable status.
It is a multi-zone Walk Through Metal Detector (WTMD).
This WTMD in part by the electronic control unit and two detectors. The electronic control unit includes a variable magnetic field generators, receivers, signal processors and process controllers; the detector contains two transmitting and receiving antennas, which are pre-installed on the inner side of the two door panels. Among the above parts are connected via cables (electronic control unit out lead two pcs of cables, these cables connect control unit to the two detectors).
WTMD outframe is consists of two door panels and a main box. One side of the door panels has power connector at the bottom, while the other side has not. Main box are fixed with two door panels to shape the door arch. Electronic control unit are fixed inside the main box. Inside the two door plates, LED light bars are installed from top to bottom.
1.1 Definition
The following are definition for some special name mentioned in this manual.
鈼?Sensitivity 鈥?is used to define parameters for alarm metal object size. Raise the sensitivity; smaller metal objects can be detected.
鈼?Discriminating 鈥?the ability for WTMD to distinguish metals (especial metal weapon) and other articles. WTMD alarm rate can indicate the ability to WTMD discriminating. It is affected by many factors, such as sensitivity levels, passengers鈥?body shape, season (temperature) and so on.
鈼?Useless alarm 鈥?alarm caused by carrying harmless metal objects
鈼?False alarm - alarm caused by the reasons other than by a metal object (such as electronic interference). For WTMD, the alarm caused by the metal objects (useful or useless) is not false alarms.
鈼?Alarm rates - alarm times (caused by metal objects) / Passengers *100%. Alarm rate is affected by WTMD discriminating ability. If discriminating ability is poor, for example: there are many alarms caused by harmless metal objects, the alarm rate will be higher. Alarm rates don鈥檛 include alarms caused by electronic interference and other reasons.
鈼?Pass rate - at a given time, maximum number of passengers allowed. Pass rate shows the WTMD recover ability after the former detect. In practice, due to the check process and the maximum walk speed and other factors, while the maximum rate is only for theoretical.
鈼?Speed response 鈥搕he ability for WTMD to maintain the same level of sensitivity, while inspecting passenger walk at different speed.
鈼?Calibration - in order to achieve optimum performance; set the parameter values for WTMD at the installation site.
鈼?Side by side use - if two or more WTMD work side by side, their electromagnetic field will affect each other. Choose different frequency to reduce the interference.
鈼?Operating Frequency - frequency generated by WTMD electromagnetic field. During the calibration at site, choose different frequencies at the lowest interference level. WTMDs can be installed side by side
1.2 Installation, operation and attentions
Please read the follow introduction before installation
Supplier is not response for damages caused by disobedience of follow instruction.
鈼?Read this manual carefully before installation and operation. Take away of this manual for future reference.
鈼?Manual has a detailed description of the installation, debugging method. Supplier is not responsible for the damage caused by human.
鈼?Sensitivity and detection method are selected by the end user. The user should do commissioning work under supervision by professional and technical personnel for debugging.
鈼?Whenever the WTMD has problem, the user must keep the WTMD in safe place to avoid accidence, and requests for assistance.
The following problems are considered:
鈻?A visual signal display of WTMD is not normal.
鈻?The WTMD does not work well.
鈻?WTMD was stored in unsatisfactory condition for a long time.
鈻?WTMD suffered high pressure during shipment.
鈻?Liquid has been spilled inside the WTMD
Carefully select the installation site. Do not install the WTMD in a location near a heat source. Also, avoid do not install in a location, where could have vibration, dust, moisture, high or low temperature place.
鈼?Installation must be performed by specially trained the person. Keep enough space to do the installation job, to avoid hurting anybody. Keep the site in tidiness.
鈼?Install the WTMD away from the location, where could emit electromagnetic interference, such as a location with transformer or motor.
鈼?For best performance, the WTMD should be fixed on the ground. All connection between WTMD and power supply or other external line must be properly secured and protected in order to avoid unexpected accidents and injuries to passengers.
鈼?Before power equipment, make sure the power supply voltage is accordance to the voltage indicated on the WTMD. Different voltage may cause damage. Only after the completion of all required connections, user can connect WTMD to electricity power.
鈼?Power line connect to the WTMD, must have switch or any other component which can cut the power in case of accident.
鈼?If the WTMD is powered through an external autotransformer to normal voltage, ensure that the autotransformer common terminal is connected to the power supply circuit hub. Socket must be grounded. Disconnect the ground without permission is strictly prohibited. If the WTMDs are not grounded, in exceptional circumstances may cause damage.
鈼?Disconnect the power supply with a closing pull of the plug, not the wire.
鈼?Standard configuration of the power adapter for non- waterproof type: Keep it in ventilated and dry place. Once get wet, there is the danger of electric shock and damage to WTMD.
鈼?Electronics parts of WTMD may cause a fire. Do not install at flammable explosive location. In case of fire, don鈥檛 use water or foam extinguisher to the power on WTMD.
鈼?In case; thunderstorms, disconnect the power.
鈼?Do not use WTMD in an explosive place. Avoid contact with flammable substances and explosive.
鈼?Maintenance the WTMD in periodic (Refer to "Maintenance鈥?chapter). Do not use water, detergents or chemicals for cleaning. Use a damp, smooth cloth.
鈼?Disconnect the WTMD power before maintenance, cleaning or moving.
鈼?Please read the "Maintenance" chapter. No matter what kind of problems encountered, only the factory qualified engineer is permitted to do maintenance.
鈼?Any necessary replacement parts must be factory original.
鈼?Aviod maintance WTMD while power on. If have to, the engineer must be professional and fully understand the risks.
鈼?Recommendations about the battery inside the WTMD:
鈻?When replacing batteries, use the factory supplied battery.
鈻?Do not throw used batteries in normal trash. Throw to the use battery collection facility, according to local regulations; or return to supplier.
鈻?When handling the problem of WTMD, remove the battery from WTMD in advance. Supplier is not responsible for damage caused by incorrect using of batteries.
Only professional engineer are allowed to maintain components with follow marks.
Before opening the package, please read carefully the following introduction. If not follow the installation procedure specification, supplier will not responsible for any problems that may occur.
1.3 The electronic control unit
1. Sticker
2. LCD menu
3. Keyboards
4. Connector to door panel
1.4 Door panels
Use special synthetic material.
With a specially designed transmit and receive coil to ensure uniform magnetic field distribution and high sensitivity of detection
1.5Power Adapter
Input power: AC100 to 240V
Output power: 15VDC, 3A
Adapter size (L*W*H): 114*50*30mm
Cable length: 2.5 meter
Weight: 0.5 kg
2. Chapter 鈪? Installation
2.1.Installation attentions
2.1.1 Choose the installing location
Exclude or deduce the negative effects, when install WTMD. This is to ensure that WMTD perform the best and fast.
鈼?Still large metal objects should be at least 30 cm away from WTMD. The farer the better. When only 30cm away, there is few affect to the sensitivity, but WTMD could be easier affected by vibration.
鈼?The installation ground should be flat, with strong support, to prevent vibration. Especially when there is unstable metal articles under the WTMD, the vibration will course unnecessary alarm, when passenger pass the WTMD.
鈼?The moving large metal objects should be 0.5m to 2 m away from the WTMD, to avoid an unnecessary alarm. The distance is decided according to the size of the metal objects.
鈼?Electronic interference sources should be far away from the WTMD. The minimum distance is 0.5m to 4 m. However, the actual distance is decided by the environment. You can move the interference sources or WTMD, until you find the best position. Interference source can be the electronic control panel, radio, computer, image display, high power motor, transformer, electricity wire, silicon tube control circuit, the flashing fluorescent tube, welding equipment and so on.
鈼?Connect the power cord to circuit, which is not connecting to high power consumption device (for example high power motor).
2.1.2 Design the checkpoint
In order to have the best traffic, please design the checkpoint before installation. Besides considering mechanical and electronic interference (please refer to: 2.1.1), effective safety inspection is also be appropriate. The efficiency of the checkpoint is greatly affected by the following factors:
鈼?Keep the passengers in queue. Make sure people pass one by one.
鈼?Check the alarm passenger in other place, where will not affect the work of WTMD.
鈼?Check the bag by X Ray or manually. Don鈥檛 let the passenger with bag pass WTMD.飦?/p>
鈼?If no need to check the bag, please store the back in locker before accept inspection.
2.2 Tips for install more than one pieces WTMD side by side.
鈼?When more than two WTMD are installed side by side (distance no more than 10m), program different Channel for each device.
鈼?When more than two WTMD are installed side by side, distance between each WTMD should be at least 0.5 meter (Actual distance is depends on the sensitivity level. Farer is sensitivity high)
MD is short for Walk Through Metal Detector.
2.3 Assemble
鈼?When opened the package, put out the parts gently. Take away all the tools (screw, wrench, etc.)
鈼?Choose reasonable installation location
鈼?Make sure components are fixed well. When stand the WTMD, check whether the two doors panels are vertical to the ground and the distance between the upper and bottom for each door panel is equal.
鈼?Make sure the WTMD is working in stable condition. There should be no big metal object moving or vibrating nearby.
鈼?Prohibit to dill any hole or thwack screws in the door panel.
Power: Before power on the WTMD, be sure to check the local power supply voltage matches the WTMD input voltage.
Connect to incorrect power supply, may cause the damage to the WTMD.
Avoid moving metal articles wit in distance of 70cm.
Avoid power cable within distance of 50cm.
1. Connect the door panels to main box by screws, use special wrench to tighten.
2. Connect the two cables from electronic control unit to each door. The two cables looks same, please connect left cable to left door panel, right cable to right door panel.
3.Chapter 鈪? Boot and screen display and procedures setting.
3.1 Power on the WTMD and boot
The power interface part see the attached pictures below. After turning on the power supply, security will send out the alarm sound of a few seconds, and the following content is displayed on LCD screen
Power plug
1. Factory name
2. Brand
3. Model number
Start automatic diagnosis
1. Diagnosis the WTMD
2. Scan the current environment
3. Automatically Calibration to adapt environment.
3.2 Screen Menu and program setting
Operation interfaceIntroduction
There are five buttons on the operation panel.
ESC: return to the upper menu or exit the program Settings
: feature shift and reduce parameter ENTER: save data or enter to next interface
POWER: turn on/off
Normal working status information:
1. Serial number: SN: 000000
2. Number of passenger
3. Number of alarm
4. Calendar and time
5. Number of detect zones
6. Current working Channel
7. Press "ESC" key for long, to clear the current information.
Input password before programming
锛圤riginal password锛?00000锛?/p>
Operation interfaceIntroduction
To program the WTMD 锛?/p>
1. Press ENTER to select
3. Press ENTER to enter to next menu
Sensitivity setting锛?/p>
1. Overall sensitivity: when overall sensitivity level change, all zones sensitivity change.
2. Zone sensitivity: adjust different sensitivity for each zone separately.
Overall sensitivity锛?/p>
1. Change overall sensitivity level to change sensitivity of all the detect zones.
2. Overall sensitivity level range from 1 to 300, the bigger number, the higher sensitivity.
3. Progress bar show the parameters
4. Press ENTER to save the sensitivity level
Operation interfaceIntroduction
Zone Sensitivity:
1. Adjust each zone separately
2. Sensitivity level range from 1 to 300, the bigger number, the higher sensitivity.
Alarm Setting:
1. Audio Alarm lasts: the audio alarm time range from 1s to 9s.
2. LED alarm lasts: LED light alarm last from 1s to 9s.
3. Alarm volume range from level 1 to 20.
4. Alarm tones: Change from 1 to F (16 different tones for choosing)
Zone Setting:
1. Program the quantity of detect zone (Different price, you will have different zone choice)
2. Press ENTER to select
4. Press ENTER to save
Operation interfaceIntroduction
Date and Time setting
1. Sett the WTMD at accurate date and time. Wrong setting will affect the working.
2. Press ENTER to select
4. Press ENTER to save
System Language
Chinese and English ready
Other language need further upgrade
System setting:
1. Working Channel: total 100 different channels to choose, to avoid interference for WTMD side by side.
2. Detect speed: change from 1 to 100 person per minute
3. Power condition: ON/OFF
ON: Once power on, WTMD automatic start to boot
OFF: When power on, WTMD standby ,need press POWER button to start
Operation interfaceIntroduction
Display setting:
1. Display mode: Indoor/outdoor
2. LCD light: 1% to 100% adjustable
3. Press ENTER to select
5. Press ENTER to save
Problem Diagnosis
1. Left/right door panel: select to diagnosis the door panel. Once problem, system will show you error code.
2. Audio Alarm: select to diagnosis, audio alarm will on for test purpose.
3. LED: select to diagnosis, LED alarm light will on for test purpose.
Application spot
There are 33 different choices. The user can choose the accurate spot and then adjust sensitivity to get the best match setting.
Operation interfaceIntroduction
1. Show alarm records, system working hours, passenger amount.
2. Input start and end time to find record
3. Press ENTER to select
5. Press ENTER to save
1. Amend password 锛?/p>
2. Press ENTER to select
4. Press ENTER to save
3.3 Multi-zone display
WTMD can give LED light alarm to locate the metal threats, at the corresponding height. When alarm, one or more sets of LED lights will be on, indicating the position of metal objects.
In the case of no alarm, two power lights on top of each door panel will keep flashing.
Alarm for single metal threatAlarm for two metal threatPower indicator lights
There are seven choices of alarm zone: single zone, 1 zones, 8 zones, 15 zones, 16 zones, 24 zones, 30 zones, 45 zones. The user can program in menu Zone Setting. Sensitivity level of each zone can be adjusted separately
LED alarm for 8 Zone settingLED alarm for 16 Zone settingLED alarm for 45 Zone setting
3.4 Power saving mode and standby mode
WTMD will automatically program to Power saving mode, if device not working in 5 minutes.
Once passengers pass, WTMD will automatically back to normal working condition.
4 Chapter 鈪? maintenance, maintenance, service
4.1 Maintenance & after service
WTMD is high-tech electrical device. The operator is requested not only to understand the technical performance, structural principle and operating procedures, but also good at doing the daily maintenance and maintenance work. This is to guaranty working efficiency and extend device life, and to ensure safety.
4.2 Routine maintenance
To ensure the good working condition, WTMD should be checked and adjusted regularly.
Maintenance job must be done by qualified people.
Cut the electricity, in case of checking hardware.
Daily maintenance work:
鈻?nbsp;The device should be installed in the ventilation, dust clear, dry environment, avoid high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.
鈻?nbsp;Clean the dust inside device.
鈻?nbsp;Tighten the loosen components or wiring plug, if any.
鈻?nbsp;If any parts damaged, please find out the reason and solve the trouble first, and then replace it. After replacement you need to adjust sensitivity again.
鈻?nbsp;Don鈥檛 leave other object inside WTMD. This may course electricity accident.
4.3 Maintenance attentions
鈻?nbsp;Don鈥檛 leave other object or water inside WTMD
鈻?nbsp;Cut the electricity and then check the device. If have to be on power, please know the risk well, and operator should be professional qualified.
鈻?nbsp;Before repair, prevent electrostatic damage to the precision electronics.
鈻?nbsp;Before power on, make sure that all cables are connecting right.
4.4 Storage conditions , storage period and attentions
Device should be stored in a clean and dry place, excessive heat and moisture can damage the system components. If the device will not use for a long time, it should be stored in the original packaging box.
鈻?nbsp;The storage conditions of the equipment
In the transport or storage packing condition, the device must be set in follow condition
Storage temperature: - 20 ~ + 60 鈩?(condensate)
Humidity: 20% ~ 95%
The storage time cannot exceed 15 weeks.
鈻?nbsp;If need long-term storage, device should have good storage conditions. The warehouse should be clean and dry, well ventilated, there shall not be corrosive gas, the relative humidity is not more than 80%, and the equipment should be in the packaging box.
4.5 After service
Thank you for choosing our WTMD. We give one year free after service to buyers. While we will be responsible or device in follow condition:
鈻?Device parts, trade mark or serial number is missing.
鈻?nbsp;Device is damaged because of incorrect operation.
鈻?nbsp;Device is damaged by irresistible force.
鈻?nbsp;Device is dispatched by unqualified people.
鈻?nbsp;Device is connecting with other products, which is not allowed.Customized Security Metal Detector

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